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It's Sensory!

Developing engagement, having fun

Written specifically for pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties and other Very Special Needs






A Sensory Tip!

Rather than using open bottles of liquids, soak a cotton wool ball in the liquid and place it in a plastic lidded container.

This way you'll avoid spillages or breakages. It's safer for everyone.

A Sensory Tip!

Powders such as ground spices could be spilled or inhaled.

Coat a cotton wool ball in the powder and place it in a plastic lidded container, making it safer for everyone.

A Sensory Tip!

Need fresh 'taste' ingredients?

Preparing them at the beginning of each term and freezing in ice cube bags saves time money and gives you easy access whenever you need it.

Other sensory materials

Sensory Testimonials

"Very good. Lots to take in. Easy to understand as it is step-by-step."

M Peak, Pear Tree

"Excellent resource material. An insightful and practical resource."

K Poole, Pear Tree

"This is a very valuable exercise in a subject that can be daunting to many with limited experience with pupils with PMLD."

N Holt & J Lyndsay, Tor View

"There's variety. Enough repetition for the student. It's just brill. Changes are noticeable in a few weeks.

Tee liked the tapenade and knew when it was time for it. The recording system is very good, you can easily see the improvement over the term."

Corina. Red Marsh

What Is 'It's Sensory'?

It's Sensory

It's Sensory provides a consistent, fun approach to building awareness and understanding. It encourages prediction and anticipation and helps build positive relationships.

It's Sensory course materials

Developed over 12 years of research, classroom trials and staff and pupil feedback, It's Sensory comprises two schemes: Sensory Play (for early years and primary) and Sensory Activity (for secondary and FE).

The schemes combine to accompany a child from early years to adulthood and grow with the pupil, building new experiences term by term, year by year.

It's Sensory also:

  • Ensures pupils experience a completely new set of sensory experiences each term
  • Ensures consistency of progression irrespective of changes of staff or class
  • Is ideal for staff new to this approach as well as more experienced staff
  • Builds age-appropriate termly experiences
  • Uses specific 'Sense' indicators to draw pupils' attention to each experience, helping them internalise their sensory awareness
  • Creates a cohesive and consistent structure for sensory delivery throughout the school
  • Develops staff awareness of the benefits and approaches to working with the senses
  • Lasts. Take care of the packages and they'll last for years - making all G.I.F.T.S packages extremely cost effective

What you get

Each termly package follows a sequence of sensory delivery.

The termly packages include:

  • Procedures to ensure consistency for the pupil and ease transitions for staff
  • A guide to which materials to use to stimulate each of the senses: touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing and body sensation
  • All your detailed planning done - termly learning outcomes with procedure instructions, simple recording sheets, and progression and flexibility built in
  • A thorough, well organised package that's easy to use

It's Sensory training

Realise more from your pupils and staff, and get more from your It's Sensory schemes with sensory training by Anna Szuminska. In-school training includes:

  • A journey through the rationale
  • The use of the Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding the 'inner' experience of the senses
  • Exploration and experience of the termly packages
  • How to adapt to different needs
  • How to use the recording system effectively
  • Health and Safety issues

Place's are also available on Anna's Workshops, here in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire.

It's Sensory+

It's Sensory can be adapted and tailored to suit your specific needs:

Early years

Choose the early years-only option for specific techniques to help build engagement in younger children.

It's Sensory for adults with PMLD and other very special needs

The 'Sensory Activity' book is ideal for adults and specific training is available to help your team get more from their work.


General sensory approaches for all - Discover how valuable the senses are in the everyday lives of adults with PMLD, and how to include the senses in everyday situations and routines.

Specific sensory approaches for individuals - Discover new sensory approaches appropriate for certain times of the day, or for adults with more intensive sensory needs.

Creating 'Sensory Times' - Learn to creating your own sensory routines and activities

Get more out of your sensory room - Are you using your sensory room to its fullest? Discover how to optimise and extend its use and relevance. Use it to address specific needs and learn how to meet health and safety requirements so that you make more of your initial investment.

From early years to adulthood, It's Sensory inspires your young people with PMLD and other special needs, and supports the people they rely on.

Contact me to bring 'It's Sensory' to your organisation.