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It's Music!

Learning on a journey of musical fun and discovery






OFSTED Testimonial

"The teacher's enthusiasm, subject expertise and experience clearly motivated the pupils very well, as did the excellent relationship between the teacher and pupils.

The curriculum is excellent... all staff and pupils work together under the direction of the coordinator to produce a magnificent termly performance".


Music Testimonials

"Schemes of work are very thorough as are lesson plans... This lesson was one of the best I've ever seen. It involved practical music making... was totally inclusive and enjoyable. It highlighted rhythm, word setting and performance.

Pupils were able to perform as individuals and collectively. They did this with confidence and were encouraged throughout this lesson. The lesson moved at such a pace and yet there was even time for a relaxation session at the end... An excellent lesson."

Andy White, Music Advisor for Blackpool Borough Council

"A coherent structure to teaching music that is accessible to all learners. An ideal resource that is specifically designed to meet the needs of our very special learners."

S. Seddon, Deputy Head, The Coppice

"Fantastic ideas for a music session , and ideas that could be carried through to other ares of the curriculum."

J. Head, Pear Tree, Kirkham

"A very good series of lessons with clear structure, progression and clear development of concepts.

Well explained in a relaxed and informal setting conducive to an open environment in whch questions can be asked."

I. Cutler. Bleasedale House School

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What Is 'It's Music'?

It's Music

Music has a particular power to inspire and stimulate young people with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties, Severe Learning Difficulties and other Very Special Needs.

It's Music gives your pupils a progressive, structured and FUN journey through the world of music that builds their knowledge, experience and the confidence to participate.

It's Music course materials

Developed by Anna Szuminska over 17 years of research, classroom trials and staff and pupil feedback within special school environments, It's Music comprises two schemes: 'Come on Everybody, It's Music!' (for Early Years and Primary) and 'Come On... It's Music!' (for secondary and FE).

Together the schemes combine to accompany a child from Early Years to Adulthood devloping with the pupil, building new progressive, fun, musical experiences term by term, year by year.

It's Music also:

  • Ensures pupils receive a completely new set of musical experiences each term
  • Ensures consistency of progression irrespective of changes of staff or class
  • Builds age-appropriate experiences over two or four year cycles. These xperiences include breath, voice and singing activities; informal and formal rhythm activities; exploring instruments; developing musical elements; improvising, composing and conducting
  • Creates a cohesive and consistent structure for musical delivery throughout the school
  • Improves listening skills and helps pupils relax to music
  • Can be incorporated into any termly school themes or topics
  • Lasts. Take care of the materials and they'll last for years - making all G.I.F.T.S packages extremely cost effective.

'Come On Everybody, It's Music!' - For Early Years & Primary

Come On Everybody - It's Music! marks the beginning of an unfolding journey through the world of music. It informally introduces basic musical concepts, developing them over each Key Stage age group from Early Years onwards.

'Come on... It's Music!' - For Secondary & Further Education

It's Music

Come On - It's Music! is for senior school pupils. The units of work are based around different types and styles of music, further developing all the elements covered in the lower school years as well as introducing a simple approach to notation and rhythm.

Pupils explore the energy principles upon which different music is built. They investigate rhythm and discover the cultural and historical differences of world music. Come On - It's Music creates a rich musical backdrop against which pupils can learn and play.

FE aged pupils explore musical genres such as Big Band, Blues, C ontemporary and more.

How does 'It's Music!' develop?

'It's Music!' informally introduces musical elements such as Dynamics (Loud and Quiet) in Early Years by enabling the children to explore and assimilate the experiences of playing on groups of loud and quiet instruments within a supporting structure.

In the KS1 age group the words 'loud' and 'quiet' are introduced, then in the KS2a (yrs 3 & 4) the concept of playing loudly and quietly appears. In KS2b (yrs 5 & 6) pupils explore making sounds louder and quieter in different ways.

It's Music Structure

Covering a different element each term, the simple structure helps pupils learn and:

  • Become familiar, comfortable and confident within the format. This helps them predict, anticipate, learn and participate
  • Experience, explore and internalise basic musical ideas
  • Develop basic musical skills, ready to be developed further as they move through the Key Stages

What you get

Each package includes:

  • All your detailed planning done - termly learning outcomes with procedure instructions, simple recording sheets, and progression and flexibility built in
  • All materials, music, words, a CD and a recording format included
  • Procedures to ensure consistency for the pupil and ease transitions for staff
  • A thorough, well organised package that's easy to use

It's Music training

Realise more from your pupils and staff, and get more from your 'It's Music!' schemes with training by Anna Szuminska.

In-school training includes:

  • A journey through the rationale
  • The use of the scheme and the planning
  • Exploration and experience of termly musical acitivities
  • How to provide effectively for different needs especially for those with PMLD

Places are also available on Anna's Training Days, currently held in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire.

From early years to adulthood, 'It's Music!' inspires your young people with PMLD, severe learning disabilities and other special needs, and supports those delivering their musical learning and experiences.

Contact me to bring 'It's Music' to your organisation.