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Learning through sensory play and activity
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Sensory, Music & P.E.

G.I.F.T.S has been developed to help schools ensure progression and development in their special needs provision.






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Sensory Tip!

Rather than using open bottles of liquids, soak a cotton wool ball in the liquid and place it in a plastic lidded container.

This way you’ll avoid spillages or breakages. It’s safer for everyone.

Sensory Tip!

Powders such as ground spices could be spilled or inhaled.

Coat a cotton wool ball in the powder and place it in a plastic lidded container, making it safer for everyone.

Sensory Tip!

Need fresh ‘taste’ ingredients?

Preparing them at the beginning of each term and freezing in ice cube bags saves time, money and gives you easy access whenever you need it.

Sensory Review

“All pracitioners working with pupils with complex needs should attend this INSET. I feel I should have attended years ago.”

Catherine Dellow
Head Teacher
Red Marsh Special School

Sensory Review

“An amazing sensory experience which allows you to have a better understanding of delivery and also enables you to experience as a student the impact that proper delivery can have.”

Gill Birch
Teaching Assistant
Red Marsh Special School

Music Review

Music-singing for pupils with PMLD and other very special needs:

“ Lots of information about how to engage and include those who can’t verbally communicate.”

Rebecca Billington
Red Marsh Special School

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G.I.F.T.S eases the pressure on teachers to develop new materials. They can spend less time reinventing the wheel and more time engaging and delivering. Which helps them make their time in and out of the classroom both more effective – and more cost-effective.

Publications are available for Sensory Music and P.E. topics.

Sensory Publications - Sensory Play & Sensory Activity

It's Sensory course materials

Written specifically for pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties and other very special needs, the It’s Sensory publications help you to provide a consistent, fun approach to building awareness and understanding.

The schemes combine to accompany a child from early years to adulthood and grow with the pupil, building new experiences term by term, year by year.

The Publications Include

  • All senses: Tactile, Visual, Taste, Smell, Sound, Kinaesthetic
  • Age appropriate
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Mapping of materials and Learning Outcomes
  • Procedures
  • Recording Sheets
  • Termly Outlines

Sensory Play Publications - Primary School

Year Group Price
Early Years to Year 6 £60 (Full Publication)
Early Years Only £25
Years 1 to 6 Only £55

Sensory Activity Publications - Secondary School

Year Group Price
Years 7 to 14 £60 (Full Publication)
Years 7 to 11 Only £55
Years 12 to 14 Only £35

Sensory Play & Sensory Activity (Both Publications)

Year Group Price
Early Years to Year 14 £100

Sensory Room Themes

Are you using your sensory room to its fullest potential? Discover how to optimise and extend its use and relevance. A selection of sensory room theme outlines are available on request.

Contact me for further information.

Music Publications

Developed by Anna Szuminska over 17 years of research, classroom trials and staff and pupil feedback within special school environments, ‘It’s Music!’ comprises two schemes: ‘Come on Everybody, It’s Music!’ (for Early Years and Primary) and ‘Come on, It’s Music!’ (for secondary and Further Education).

It’s Music! publications builds age-appropriate experiences over two or four year cycles. They create a cohesive and consistent structure for musical delivery throughout the school and provide pupils with a FUN progressive journey that builds their knowledge, experience and confidence to participate.

Music Course Book

The Music Publication Includes

  • CD
  • Lesson Plans – Activity Descriptions
  • Designed for pupils with PMLD
  • Recording Sheets
  • Termly Mapping
  • Symbols – class size, composition size (Year 1+)
  • Termly Outlines*
  • Composition sheets (Year 1+)

*The Termly Outlines referred to above comprises elements relating to Breath, Voice, Singing, Informal & Formal Rhythm, Instruments, Improvisation, Composition, Conducting, Timbre, Pitch, Dynamics, Tempo, Duration, Texture.

Music Publication Fees

Year Group Price
Early Years £50
Years 1 & 2 (KS1) £50
Years 3 & 4 (KS2a) £55
Years 5 & 6 (KS2b) £55
Years 7, 8 & 9 Coming Soon
Years 10 & 11 Coming Soon
Years 12, 13 & 14 Coming Soon

All 4 music publications are available for only £185 – a £25 saving!

P.E. Publications for Pupils With PMLD (available soon)

P.E. Early Years to Year 14

The Publications Will Include

  • Mapping
  • Recording Sheets
  • Activity Descriptions
  • Resources
  • Termly Outlines*

*Termly Outlines includes warm up movements, Weekly Activity Development, Performance/Display development.


Year Group Price
Early Years Available soon
Years 1 & 2 Available soon
Years 3 & 4 Available soon
Years 5 & 6 Available soon
Years 7, 8 & 9 Available soon
Years 10 & 11 Available soon
Years 12, 13 & 14 Available soon

P.E. – Across The Year Groups

These P.E. publications contain content that’s relevant across the age groups and Key Stages. Topics include:

  • Passive Movements
  • Games
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Outdoor & Adventure

Places are available on Training Days, currently held in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire. Available course dates can be found on the course dates page.

Contact me to discuss your course requirements.