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G.I.F.T.S. Special Educational Needs Teaching


How can
'Great Innovative Fun Teaching Series' enhance your special needs provision?

Use G.I.F.T.S. with your pupils
and find out...







"Excellent structure and organisation of course delivery. Good content, clearly presented. Highly recommended, very practical and useable."

Anna Emptage, Loyne Specialist School

"Very good content, helpful and informative, especially the written work and CD. Lots of good ideas. Very worthwhile."

Angela Bridges, Newfield School

"Very good. Lots to take in. Easy to understand as it is step-by-step."

M Peak, Pear Tree

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Why G.I.F.T.S?

We know our young people with special needs lead richer, fuller lives when they are stimulated and engaged. For their teachers, though, constantly creating new learning experiences can put pressure on resources, time and the imagination.

That’s why Anna Szuminska has created G.I.F.T.S – fun, progressive learning schemes that are effective and rewarding for pupil and teacher alike.

G.I.F.T.S helps teachers and others build lasting engagement in young people with:

  • Severe Learning Difficulties
  • PMLD
  • Autism
  • Other intensive needs

G.I.F.T.S for pupils

Uniquely designed to accompany a child from early years through to young adulthood, the GIFTS schemes build a constantly evolving programme of experiences in the sensory, physical, artistic and musical curriculum areas.

Each programme helps pupils learn effectively and so get more from the world around them.

G.I.F.T.S for teachers

GIFTS provides teachers with proven, sequences of learning experiences and approaches which benefit pupil, teacher and school, and can satisfy OFSTED and ASDAN.

It means that teachers spend less time planning and more time making a profound difference to the lives of their pupils.

Using G.I.F.T.S works

"Inspirational." "Easy to understand". "Excellent resource material." Just some of the comments from those who've already taken up the G.I.F.T.S resouces. You can find more testimonials to the left and throughout the website.

To include G.I.F.T.S as a part of the way you work, contact me to find out more.



"The quality of teaching seen during the whole school performing arts event was outstanding, with extremely high levels of challenge, encouragements and praise for pupils accomplishments throughout.

Relationships between staff and pupils were also excellent and teaching was both dynamic and inspiring."

OFSTED Inspection

"The teacher's enthusiasm, subject expertise and experience clearly motivated the pupils very well, as did the excellent relationship between the teacher and pupils... The curriculum is excellent.

Management and leadership of the subject are exceptional... pupils clearly excel in performing... showing high levels of confidence and enthusiasm as they do so. Such events have a highly positive impact on pupils' self-esteem and communication skills."